My name is Lorenzo Menendez and I have been a photographer for over 20 years now, I discovered photography my senior year of High School. It was one of the darkest times of my life and I was at a crossroads  to continue the destructive path I had lived up to that point or to find something to pour my energy into. I was shooting film in those days and the process captivated me with its magic. I had never shot a photo in my life let alone held an actual camera, but from that first click I began a transformative journey that would change my mind, my heart and my very soul. Photography opened my eyes and made me hyper aware of the world around me, seeing not only the grandness of a landscape but also the smallest nuances, the building blocks that make up the whole. 

Over the years I have grown in my proficiency, my techniques have changed and I have purchased new and better gear. What has not changed is my absolute obsession to photograph our ever changing world and its ability to always grip my heart. After 20 years of shooting I can still say that I absolutely love what I do and to get to share that with all of you is a privilege I don't take lightly. 


Photo Courtesy of  Zach Chordner

My journey is not one i take alone nor could I do this alone. I have been blessed to share the many ups and downs with my beautiful wife Jennifer who has pushed me and supported me through 13 years of marriage. I now have the even greater privilege to share and pass on this incredible art form to our beautiful children. Our daughter Kealia is now 4 and loves to shoot polaroids and enjoys painting. Our son Eli is now 2 and loves to be outdoors....mostly jumping off things and throwing rocks but in time I think he will learn to look around and fall in love with this beautiful world as I have. Our two dogs Koa and Kai continue to enrich our lives and they love our two kids.

This is not only a passion for me, it is an obsession, something that I must do. Not to satisfy some hunger but to show everyone that there is beauty everywhere and that sometimes the most mundane of things can be a masterpiece in itself. I do it to show you that what we stand to lose is truly precious and worth fighting for. Not just for us but for future generations.