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Sat, 07 Apr 2012

NSW: Bondi Beach

Day 3 of our Sydney adventure continues, by now we were falling into a nice routine. Ill spare you the long and boring details, lets just say that we woke up early got ready and headed out, past the creepy cemetery and to the creepy train station. Yep still deserted but no zombies in sight, this only further cements the fact that i have seen wayyyyyy to many movies. This day was pretty uneventful, our plan was to hit up Bondi Beach i mean we had been in Australia over a week and still had not gone to the beach.....well thats just not at all acceptable!! 1st though. Remember Cha Time? That little asian tea place that we found the day before? Remember how much we loved it and i vowed we would return? Yeah it happened! Priorities first right, i mean why walk around on a hot day if you don't have a delicious iced green tea thing infused with other fruit flavor goodness to make life beara...
My name is Lorenzo Menendez, i am 31 years old (but my brain hasn't caught up to that fact.) I have been married to my beautiful wife for close to 8 years now. We live in Vista California with 2 very energetic dogs, Koa and Kai. My wife has been my constant support and companion, without her none of this would be possible or worth it. Our life has been a constant adventure, wether its staying at home or traveling to beautiful places the camera is always out. I won't bore you with details from my past or tell you that this is my passion because lets face it you've heard it all before, and these days about 90 percent of the planet claims photography as their passion. . Suffice it to say, i love what i do, i love life and i love that i get to share my adventures with my wife. I didn't go to school for photography i learned it all by trial and error and after 15 years of doing this i think I've learned a thing or two, the beautiful things is that theres so much more to learn still. I love beautiful light, moody weather, diving and photographing turtles in Hawaii. Nature is what i love and i try to do my best to capture it in a photo so that i can share it with you. I invite you to look through the galleries and follow my blog, i do this not for money or accolades from my peers but for one single purpose to communicate visually my love for our home in the process make you fall in love with it as well.
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